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Entrance to the Café Restaurant

Inside restaurant

Inside the café

Inside the café

Guest lounge

Guest lounge

Guest lounge

Computer room for guests

View from the lounge to the Cabreira mountains

Swimming pool with water jets


Terrace at night

Outside the bar, iluminated granary


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Café Restaurant and additional services

In addition to the accommodation, at Casa de Lobos you will find restaurant and café services, available to everyone, and other facilities reserved for our guests.


Foto Naco na Pedra do Lobo
Naco na Pedra do Lobo

Foto Bísaro

Foto Stufed Cod
Stufed Cod

Foto Roasted Lamb
Roasted Lamb

Foto Desserts


Being one of our best appeals, our restaurant will offer you great times to enjoy our local cuisine, with the quality guarantee of the best customised service and the best quality that will give you our prestigious head chef.

Committed to diversity, our chef introduces you to a variety of dishes with different gastronomic influences, giving special attention to the Traditional Portuguese Cuisine.

As the house dishes, we present:

  • Naco na Pedra do Lobo
  • Bísaro (knuckle of pork with roasted potatoes and sauteed cabbage)

Following with the traditional Portuguese cuisine, we suggest:

  • Roast lamb
  • Octopus "Lagareiro"
  • Codfish "Zé do Pipo"
  • Cod with broa (bread)

Theme parties

More information

  • Opening hours: 12:00 - 14:00 and 19:30 - 22:30
  • Phone: 308 805 259


Located next to the restaurant, at the café you can have a drink and traditional snacks.

More information

  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 00:00
  • Phone: 308 805 259


Cozy and quiet space where you can watch TV, read a book and enjoy the beautiful scenery from this living room.

Internet space

Located next to the lounge, this room has a computer for four people where you can access the Internet for free.

Swimming pool

On summer days or even in spring and autumn, you can dive into the pool, because the solar panels slightly warm the water. Take time to relax with the water jets in the jacuzzi. You can enjoy with your family in the shallow area (0.80m) or encourage children to slide down the waterslide in the deepest area (1.80m).

Treatment if the pool water is carried out by electrolysis of salt, which improves the quality of water and appears as more secure because it avoids irritation of the skin or eyes. Besides, the chlorine taste and odor completely disappears, leaving just a slight taste of salt in the pool water.